Standard Horizon GX1700 Marine VHF

Convenience and efficiency are the qualities we look for in the things we want. We want devices that can serve multiple purposes. For example, smartphones are really popular because they are portable computers which can give serve different purposes.

For seafarers and other ocean adventurers, communication and navigation are important to ensure safety. Often though, different devices handle these two separately. It adds up to expenses and can put a weight on your finances.

The Standard Horizon GX1700 VHF radio is a peculiar device that combines communication and navigation in the same device.

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Basic Features

  • Mounted two-way radio
  • Uses VHF and designed for marine operations
  • Space-efficient design
  • JIS-8 waterproof rating
  • 12-channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Has a Class D DSC


  • Flush mount template
  • Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Power cord with fuse holder


This groundbreaking device was the first to unite the capabilities of a VHF/DSC radio and a GPS. It’s a well-known radio and customers generally perceive it to be a good choice. It currently has 78% five-star customer reviews on Amazon.

The GX1700 is the first VHF radio with an integrated GPS. It is a mounted device which was designed to be used for marine operations. Despite being mounted, the radio doesn’t take up too much space. It’s only 3.5 inches deep and is suitable even with tight spaces.

You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to read what’s written on the display thanks to the radio’s 3.5” LCD display. You can even tweak the brightness and contrast of the screen to fit your needs.

One of the strengths of the GX1700 is with its ease of operation. It was designed with simplicity for the user in mind. The device is easy to use, set up, and install. You can use the device as soon as you’ve set it up properly. The instruction manual that comes along with it is also easily understandable and comes with lots of useful information for the user.

The main facet of the device is its radio capabilities. The radio frequency has two different power outputs—one watt and 25 watts, ensuring that you would be able to transmit your messages.

The radio also has other features such as Dual Watch. It allows you to scan between priority channels and other channels simultaneously. This feature makes sure that you would be connected with another channel as soon as it’s available.

For emergency situations, the GX1700 is equipped with a Class D DSC feature. It allows continuous transmission of messages on Channel 70 even if the radio is in a call. With the DSC, you can send and receive distress calls and position information.

You can also navigate to a DSC Distress Call, as well as perform DSC test call and Auto DSC channel change selection. Your ship can also request the position information of up to four nearby ships and vessels through the DSC.

Thinking about staying in the sea for some time? The GX1700 has got you covered. It’s equipped with 10 NOAA and Canadian weather channels and alerts. These alerts will interrupt broadcast from other channels to notify you of weather conditions.

For general communication, the radio communicates through Channels 9 and 16, among other things.

The other highlight of the GX1700 is that it has an internal, integrated GPS system. It boasts a 12-channel WAAS GPS receiver, with the GPS antenna located on the front of the device.

Additionally, the radio also helps with other aspects of navigation. It can show you your current heading (through the built-in compass), speed, and position. During conditions of poor visibility due to weather, the device can come quite handy as it can give you enough information to keep the craft moving.

The GPS can also be integrated with a chartplotter. It allows you to visually check your position and figure out where you are relative to other geographical features in the area.

Want to bookmark a place so you can easily return to it anytime? The GX1700 can save up to a hundred waypoints or bookmarks. Although admittedly, it’s quite a few compared to other GPS devices, this is understandable given that the GX1700 was the first to combine navigation and communication together.

If you’re thinking about how to protect your device from water damage, don’t worry. With a waterproof rating of JIS-8, your radio is protected from water depths of up to 1.5 meters for as long as 30 minutes.

If that’s not enough for you, Standard Horizon even offers a three-year warranty for the radio. The company will cover all the labor costs involved in repairing the product, as well as the charge for replacement parts.

The warranty is only applicable to devices damaged by normal use or water. Abuse and misuse of the gadget won’t be qualified for the warranty.

Other features that the GX1700 has is its cordless and noise-canceling microphone. You can also connect it to a Second Station. To easily access your favorite channels, the radio also has a preset key that can save up to 10 channels.

This seemingly perfect device is not without shortcomings. Different Standard Horizon GX1700 reviews point out the fact that the radio won’t work unless you obtain an antenna for it. The radio doesn’t come with an antenna.

Another concern by users is its weak speaker volume. Even in its maximum settings, you would still need to bring the speaker close to your ear just to listen to what is said.


  • JIS-8 waterproof warranty
  • VHF integrated with GPS and DSC


  • Needs a separate antenna
  • Speaker volume is too low

What’s the Bottom Line?

For the cautious adventurer, the GX1700 is a quite good choice. Not only does it serve as a communication device, it can also help you with navigation.

It’s an all-around device that doesn’t demand too much space. The information you need is clearly visible with the large screen display, whose settings you can tweak to make it even more comfortable.

The major drawback is with its speaker and antenna. The antenna is very important to attach before setting sail as you would have no reception without an antenna. A low speaker volume isn’t going to be really helpful when the conditions are noisy, such as with a turbulent weather.

All things considered, however, the GX1700 was the first to pave the road towards convenient and multi-purpose marine radios. Though it’s lacking in a few aspects (such as with the waypoints), the device is still undoubtedly a great choice. To top it off, it is also considerably cheaper than other higher-end offerings.

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