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Winds are at 210 miles/hour, debris flying all around you, rivers begin to swell and nearing spill level, streets are flooded. You begin to bug-out. Go-bags in tow, you lead your family to a safer place. But wait! How do I know where to go and where I need to pass? You have all in your Go-Bag but not a radio in hand? Double disaster!

Now you realize you have not prepared enough. While there is still time, prepare and buy an all-weather radio and not simply any all-weather radio but it should be the best weather radio! Worry no more!

ProductRankingBest FeatureBuy & Price
Sangean MMR-885Lightweight
Midland WR4004Easy to program S.A.M.E.Buy
Midland WR120/WR120EZ3Available Tornado, Flood, Thunderstorm, and other warnings
Midland Consumer Radio ER3102Dog Whistle to assist search and rescueBuy
Sangean CL-1001With Disaster Evacuation DetailsBuy

5. Sangean MMR-88

When disaster strikes, the first to be cut-off is electrical supply. This renders all equipment virtually unusable. One has to rely on available power sources provided by nature and what best source of power it is but sunlight!

Aside from the power source, it is also vital that you can use it for charging your other gadgets while electricity is down.

Sangean MMR – 88 provides just that. It has a solar panel that lets you continue to use the radio and be updated on the situation without worry of draining your battery. Having varied sources of power makes this radio your ideal emergency and camping companion.

Who does not have a smartphone nowadays? This radio doubles as a charging station for your smartphone, iPod, and tablet. Being lightweight, durable, and compact, this emergency radio is all you will need to carry. The variety of its power source compensates for its weak disposable batteries.

There are a multitude of weather radios out in the market purporting to be among the best but they are either expensive or are wanting in performance. This radio is to recon with for quality need not suffer from the price.

Sangean MMR – 88, despite its minimal limitation, offers quality, durability, and dependability within your budget.

Heavy dutyNot S.A.M.E. capable
LightweightWeak disposable battery

4. Midland WR400

People have a variety of needs. These include the need to be informed of emergencies or disasters directly concerning them.

Residents living in the tornado alley are more concerned with incoming tornadoes rather than an impending tsunami. Thus it is imperative that one be alerted with what really concerns them considering that information at times like these is very crucial.

Midland WR400 lets you program the emergency or disaster alerts that directly concern you.

Also, during times of disaster, ensuing chaos and noise might overwhelm the volume of your radio making listening difficult. With MidlandWR400 the volume is adjustable and its good sound quality makes you hear it even with ambient noise.

When you buy weather radios, they are accompanied with manuals which sometimes make the process more complicated. With Midland WR400, the ease of its setup will make manuals a thing of the past and the sound quality of this radio is way above its class.

Did I also mention that this radio is reasonably priced considering what I can do in times of emergency? If you are dead serious about choosing your weather radio, this one is for you.

Good Sound QualitySensitive to electrical interference
Easy to Set upBright Display

3. Midland WR120/WR120EZ

There are times that you want to know the situation in a different area because someone close to you is directly affected. The Midland WR120/WR120EZ has the capability to monitor 25 countries.

Surely you can monitor the situation from your place communicate it to your loved one via a messaging system in case the latter has no means of monitoring the situation.

The warning capability of the Midland WR120/WR120EZ makes for an ideal emergency companion. The usefulness of this radio makes you even love it more because of its ease of operation.

This radio is perfect for indoor use. As of yet, the radio has no wildfire alert but thanks to upgrades, soon this radio will have wildfire warning capability since wild fires are becoming a destructive force.

S.A.M.E. codes are an essential feature of a weather radio. WR120/WR120EZ has a built-in code which is easy to program that will provide for an accurate alarm. With programmable warnings for 25 countries, I doubt if you would still miss an emergency alert.

If you want a user-friendly, versatile and LOUD weather radio, go for Midland WR120 / WR120EZ and you will certainly be alerted to emergencies anytime, anywhere.

Easy to UseNo wildfire alert
Built-in S.A.M.E. codesIndoor use only

2. Midland ER310

During disasters, mobility is of the essence. Mobility can be your most important ally. This means traveling light but with the essential things with you necessary for your survival.

But what are the essential things? We know the usual: food, water, clothing, and radio!

Yes, you read it right! Radio is an essential equipment for your survival and not just any radio but the Midland ER310 no less.

In any given situation, information is vital and who provides that information is key to your subsistence. The Midland ER310 is consistently listed among the top five portable weather alert radio reviews which makes it a must-have for inclusion in your Go-bag.

Its strength lies in the two most important features of an emergency radio: power source and capability to provide timely and vital information. With the MidlandER310 portability and reliability are given a whole new meaning. The usefulness of this radio gives other weather radios a run for their money.

This radio even has ultrasonic dog whistle to assist in search and rescue. It’s better to be prepared for the worse than be sorry.

When choosing a portable weather alert radio, pick the ER310 as it’s cheap, reliable and you will never go wrong.

Varied power sourceNot Waterproof
Value for MoneyCranking only produces little power

1. Sangean CL-100

The Sangean CL-100 is called all hazards for nothing. It packs a punch among the available list of all-weather radios in the market. This radio covers all civil emergencies and details of evacuation which is necessary for your safety.

What more can you ask for an emergency radio when all you have to do is plug it in, program it and voila! You will be alerted about civil emergencies in a timely and flawless fashion.

Not only that, it will even inform you of the evacuation details you need for a safer temporary shelter. This feature may prove to be a lifesaver in times of emergencies.

When everything around is muddled due to frequency overload, the Sangean CL 100
will still provide a clear reception.

As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” This emergency radio performs when it matters and you will not regret that you bought this wonderful piece of equipment.

Having a durable and programmable weather radio is indeed a treasure without the purse-punching price. The Sangean CL-100appears to have a mind of its own because it follows your program to-a-tee. And once you have it, it will never fail you.

ProgrammableNot Portable
Clear ReceptionLimited volume control

Tips on What to Look for when Buying Weather Radios


With the surroundings battered, chaotic and a punishing environment, you will need a radio that will outlast the emergency. That in the first place is why you bought the radio for. It would be up to you to judge the durability of the radio according to your specifications and your need.

Studies have shown that on the average, emergencies last from 3 to 4 days before help arrives. Definitely, this average would vary from state-to-state and your location. It is better to prepare for the worst and make sure that your radio can withstand the “pressure” and the “stress” during those critical days.


Why in the first place do you need a weather radio? Do you need it for warning you or is it part of your bug-out item?

Whatever you want to use it for, you must make sure why you are buying it for. You might end up buying a weather radio which is not suitable for your intent and purpose. Part of this intent will be its portability, emergency use, and other possible purposes which is table or desktop.

There is no available study showing how many people prefer a portable radio vs a table or desktop radio but knowing the purpose why you bought the radio is enough to determine how you will use it.


There are many out in the market with jam-packed features and sometimes the more features it has, the higher the price. You might end up buying a multi-featured radio and realize that you do not necessarily need a certain feature. So choose wisely.

The basic features though to have in a weather radio are the following:

  • A.M.E.

Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) is a list of codes for a specific state or area that you want your radio to cover. This program will limit the alerts that will be provided to you. You do not want your radio to alert you to an emergency that is happening 3,000 miles away from you, do you?

  • Public Alert Certified

Public Alert Certification simply tells the buyer that this particular radio has met the Consumer Electronics Association performance standards. By having this certification, you can be assured that the radio you are buying is updated with all alarms for all hazards.

  • Power Source

You would not want an emergency weather radio to fail you during an emergency, do you? So, the power source is an essential feature for your radio.

Some have disposable lithium batteries while others provide for alternative power sources like solar power and crank power. Part of this feature also allows you to charge your gadgets. It would be best then to decide on this feature for your next weather radio.

We value your security in times of emergencies. Life is very important that’s why we tried to provide a review of a critical piece of equipment.

While there are numerous weather radios available in the market claiming to be the best, we’ve narrowed down the list here to 5 weather radios with their respective salient features. We earnestly hope we’ve done you favor.

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