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Nowadays a sizeable percentage of the population relies on the use of two-way radios. Besides its tough built, the device is immensely economical compared to owning a mobile phone.

More than the unit itself, accessories such as headsets and earpieces play a big role in its accessibility. You can see these components being used not only by professionals but also by sport and outdoor enthusiasts.

Discover the perfect accessory for your device in our best two-way radio headset and earpiece review.

ProductRankingBest FeatureBuy & Price
Maximal Power RHF 617-1N5Polyurethane coverBuy
Tomsenn K-001-24Transparent earpieceBuy
Retevis CAC9006A3Big size PTT buttonBuy
Pulsat Two-Wire Surveillance Earpiece Mic2Kevlar reinforced cablesBuy
Midland AVPH31Inline VOX/PTT switchBuy

5. Maximal Power RHF 617-1N

MaximalPower RHF 617-1N 3.5mm RECEIVER/LISTEN ONLY Surveillance Headset Earpiece with Clear Acoustic Coil Tube Earbud Audio Kit For Two-Way Radios, Transceivers and Radio Speaker Mics Jacks

1,177 Reviews

Looking for a replacement for your walkie-talkie with earpiece? It’s quite difficult to decide with innumerable choices over the internet.

If what you require is a receiver surveillance earpiece only, consider the Maximal Power RHF 617-1N. An accessory that works with the standard 3.5mm earphone jack connector of the following devices: Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Adi, Alinco, and Yaesu.

Surprisingly offered at a bargain price, this rugged earpiece is polyurethane-jacketed to ensure toughness. As it is structured with heavy duty material and Kevlar reinforced wires, you receive superb audio quality even in loud environments.

Its earphone clip ensures cable retention, thus eliminating strain on the earphone. Besides that, its clear coil tube and earbud are perfectly designed for discrete listening.

Receiving more than a thousand reviews at Amazon, there are a few persistent concerns on its drawback.

For one, coming at a bargain price, a lot of users commented on its worrisome product longevity. Several also commented on its short coiled wire. Luckily, its customer service is diligent when it comes to resolving product concerns.

Anyone looking for a receiver surveillance earpiece at a bargain deal price, we suggest exploring the Maximal Power RHF 617-1N.

Bargain pricedProduct longevity
Rugged designShort coiled wire

4. Tomsenn K-001-2

If you’re looking for a covert accessory that produces clear sound transmission, then check out the Tomsenn K-001-2. This transparent ergonomic earpiece securely fits; you don’t need to repeatedly adjust or hide it.

Structured with a state-of-the-art in-line push-to-talk (PTT) microphone, this covert earpiece delivers easy hands-free transmission. Expect smooth communication minus frequency jumps, distortion, or attenuation.

What’s more, with its 360° stainless steel clip, you can easily attach it to your collar adding greater to the hands-free experience.

The makers of Tomsenn K-001-2 created this accessory with the professionals working in the hospital, police, corporate security, and including the military in mind. Its objective is to deliver sound clarity even in loud conditions.

Consequently, this low-priced earpiece has its downside. One user experienced feedback when in proximity to other radios. Several comments relate to its durability.

Note as well that this transparent accessory is only compatible with two-way radios from Kenwood, Puxing, Wouxun, and Baofeng. It doesn’t work with Motorola radios.

In general, if you’re in the market for a stealthy earpiece that delivers sound clarity, you should absolutely include the Tomsenn K-001-2 on your list.

In-line PTT microphoneFeedback when in proximity to other radios
360° stainless steel clipProduct durability

3. Retevis CAC9006A

Now if you own a Motorola radio and you want a low-cost earpiece, the Retevis CAC9006A is what you’re looking for.

A covert two pin acoustic tube earpiece, this accessory is compatible with Motorola radios only and doesn’t work with Kenwood, Puxing, Wouxon, and Baofeng.

Boasting a big size push-to-talk button, easily press it and start communicating. Add its sensitive built-in line microphone and you now have a real hands-free experience. As the earpiece comes with an acoustic tube, users receive a crystal clear sound transmission. The cord is long enough that you can attach it to your shirt collar.

While lots of owners were satisfied with its performance, there are still others who shared their critical reviews. Some users expressed disappointment with its sticking microphone button. While others say even if they own a Motorola two-way radio, the earpiece connector doesn’t fit.

Fortunately, users share that when you call customer service they will proactively address your concern. Though of course, this is plausible if still under warranty.

At any rate, if you’re in need of an affordable cloak-and-dagger earpiece, then the Retevis CAC9006A is another cost-effective choice.

Built-in line microphoneMicrophone button sticks
Acoustic tube earpieceConnector incompatible with some Motorola radios

2. Two-Wire Surveillance Earpiece Mic for Kenwood Radio Models

For owners of Kenwood Radios, you’ll love the two-wire surveillance earpiece mic. An accessory intended for heavy-duty use, this earpiece is compatible with the latest TK Kenwood radios. When purchasing this well-reviewed product, users are assured utmost durability with its Kevlar reinforced cables.

Be that as it may, you can wear this sturdy earpiece over a long period of time without irritation. Thanks to its soft and skin-friendly quality material, you can comfortably wear this all day. Weighing 1.6 ounces, this lightweight accessory is suitable to use even in harsh environments.

You can likewise rely on its great audio quality. It excellently transmits messages without interference even in loud surroundings.

On the other hand, one of its pitfalls is that a few users find the microphone wire short. While another user shares his disappointment over its sound quality.

Due to its rugged design, you have to spend a little more cash when buying this product. Still, you can consider it on the affordable side.

Nevertheless, in a work environment where durability is of the highest importance, the Two-Wire Surveillance Earpiece Mic for Kenwood Radio Model is an ideal choice.

Sturdy builtShort microphone wire
Comfortable for all-day wearSound quality

1. Midland AVPH3

Sitting on top of our list is the Midland AVPH3. This two-way radio headset with mic is boasting of its slim fit design and two transparent behind the ear microphones. This accessory is perfect for discreet communications.

With its petite speaker connected to clear tubing, communicating is less noticeable. The design is so easy to use even a child could operate it in a few minutes.

Its distinct wrap-around feature guarantees ease of use; thus, working well with security and hunting activities. While on the job or out hunting, go hands-free with its in-line VOX or push-to-talk (PTT) switch. A lapel clip ensures the microphone is out of the way.

When using the AVPH3, users receive clear sound quality all the time.

Although the Midland AVPH3 received rave reviews, several users share some of its drawbacks. Unfortunately, some users feel the need to add earpiece cushions to the accessory for added comfort. On the other hand, many users find the microphone cord a bit short.

Take note as well, the earpiece works only with Midland GXT, LXT and G Series radios.

Overall, coming at an affordable price yet providing discreet quality sound, the Midland AVPH3 is definitely a winner on our list!

Slim-in ear designShort microphone cord
Wrap-around featureNeed to add earpiece cushions

Radio Headset and Earpiece: A Buying Guide

There are key factors to consider when buying your radio headset and earpiece. Before going out and rushing to the mall, note of the following aspects in choosing the best accessory for you:


If you’re planning to wear the headset and earpiece all day, then comfort is your number one priority. Find the design that is so gentle to the ear, it doesn’t hurt with prolonged wear.


Clarify if the accessory is tailored for your two-way radio. Note that headsets and earpieces have different pins. Check that the connection type of the accessory you’re buying suits your radio.

Ease of Use

Find a set of headset and earpiece that you won’t have a hard time to figure out. The reason for adding these accessories to your two-radio is to ensure accessibility. If you have a hard time using it, then, it defeats its purpose.

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