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Aside from that, in case of power outage due to calamities and such, a portable radio will be extremely useful as they usually run with just a few batteries so hearing the latest news and updates will never be a problem.

Multiple companies are coming up with their own versions of these handy radios and choosing the right one would be difficult. Our portable radio review will give you an idea of the best options available in stores today.

ProductRankingBest FeatureBuy & Price
Sangean PR-D75Can charge batteries when connected to an AC outletBuy
Sony ICF-S10MK24Can run with 2 Aas batteriesBuy
Sony ICFP263Comes with telescoping antennaBuy
Sangean PR-D182Sturdy designBuy
Panasonic RF-24001Clear high-quality soundBuy

5. Product

Coming from a well-known and loved brand Sangean, the PR-D7 is one of the best portable AM FM radios nowadays.

If you are on a search for a dual purpose gadget, well this radio definitely is one! Its charging function can juice up your batteries when connected to an AC outlet. This can also run using an AC adapter, something that is not available on other radios on the market.

What also sets this item apart from its competitor is the alarm function. You can wake up to beautiful radio music or a buzzer with the Humane Wake System.

Afraid of getting asleep while listening? Worry no more! The sleep timer function can surely give you peace of mind as this can be set up to automatically turn off after 120, 90, 60, 45, 30, or 15 minutes.

The Sangean PR-D7 is also highly praised for its great reception and excellent sound quality. It has 10 memory preset stations, 5 for AM and 5 for FM and the auto seek function search active stations in a breeze.

This can very be the perfect portable radio for you so go ahead and give this a try.

Clear and high-quality soundDoes not have a handle for easy carry
User-friendly buttons and knobDrains battery fast

4. Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio

The Sony ICF-S10MK2 is also another good radio to try. With its small size and compact design, this product is perfect to bring with you anywhere as this can easily fit in your pocket.

The built-in speaker can produce high quality and clear sound. Aside from that, listening privately will not be an issue with its mono earphone jack. Bringing this thing around is completely easy with the attached carrying strap as well.

Talking about value for money, running this item is highly economical. You would only need two batteries with it and it can already run up to a good 45 hours. This is definitely a perfect radio when there are emergencies and when electricity is out. Most buyers are actually getting this item for that purpose.

Lastly, with its telescoping antenna, you can be assured you will be able to get clear receptions too.

From a very well-known company which produces great gadgets, it is expected that this product will deliver well and it does live up to its company’s reputation.

For someone who prefers an analog radio rather than a digital one, then the Sony ICF-S10MK2 will be a great fit for you.

Has carrying strap for convenienceAntenna tends to break easily
Compact and lightweightHeadphone jack only play through one ear

3. Has carrying strap for convenience

Another popular choice is the Sony ICFP26. We all know that Sony is recognized for creating good quality electronics and this radio is absolutely no exception. This is, in fact, the upgraded version of the ICF-S10.

If you are on a limited budget, then this can be the one for you. It’s actually the most affordable item in this list. This radio promises good quality sound and great reception. This model also features LED tuning and battery indicator and users are extremely happy because of the easy tuning function.

It can be powered by just two batteries, a lot economical compared to other radios on the market that requires more. No need to recharge batteries or buy new ones frequently as this can run at approximately 100 hours for FM and 110 hours for AM even when using the speaker. That’s one way to save money, right?

A carrying strap also comes with the package which is a plus for many. Finally, you can listen to it privately with the dedicated headphone socket.

For more details about this amazing item, you can visit the company’s website here.

You can simply never go wrong with a Sony gadget so go ahead and get yourself the ICFP26 radio.

Long battery lifeCan’t plug in an AC outlet and only run on batteries
Good retail valueModerate AM reception

2. Sangean PR-D18 AM/FM/Clock Portable Digital Radio

The Sangean PR-D18 is also one good option to look at. It is undoubtedly another crowd favorite when it comes to portable radio.

First off, this is available in four colors. Buyers have the option to select one that fits their personality and style compared to other brands that only have white and black selections. Click here to see available colors.

The LCD display shows the frequency and time and same as PR-D7, the auto-seek function search active stations automatically.

Unlike other brands that only run on batteries, an AC adapter is available to power this radio. The battery power indicator is also a big help to know whether you need new ones or its time to juice up. Even the sleep timer function is a plus since you can peacefully sleep and not worry about the radio running all night.

If there’s one thing that this radio boasts about, that will be the alarm function. You can even set two alarm times with it. Wake up to an AM/FM station or with the Humane Wake System buzzer plus the snooze function allows you to get extra minutes of sleep.

With the given features, it is no wonder this radio is getting a lot of love from users. Try one for yourself now!

Long battery lifeAC adapter is not included in the package.
Good retail valueRadio volume is still loud even when placed on the lowest setting

1. Panasonic RF-2400 AM / FM Radio

Panasonic is also a very well-known company producing great quality gadgets. This radio is one proof to that. There’s no wonder this item is getting a lot of raves from owners.

First thing off, buyers love the user-friendly features. Its simplicity is adored by multiple users. Even the retro look and old fashion style is indeed a plus for some.

With its built-in big speaker, you can really expect a high quality and loud sound. The package also comes with a removable AC cable (sold separately on other brands) and you can also power it up with four AA batteries.

What most owners love about this is its superb reception. This can pick up more stations than any other expensive radios on the market and changing station will not be a challenge with the big tuning knob.

This radio is also one of the most affordable options in the market. Yes! This powerful radio comes at a very low price.

If you are on a lookout for a basic radio that can give you the retro feel, does the job well and budget-friendly at the same time, then the search is over, the Panasonic radio is absolutely perfect for you.

Good retail valueRadio sound is still loud even when set at the lowest volume
Superb AM/FM receptionThe antenna can break off easily

Portable Radio – A Buyer’s Guide

Before heading out and buying a portable radio, there are several key factors to look at first. These guides will help you on selecting the best product you can get from the market.

Sound – first reason why you are getting a radio is to listen to music or news and a radio that has great sound quality is a must. Whether you are using the speaker or listening to it privately, hearing the song or the talk clearly is extremely important.

Reception – every one of us has our own favorite FM or AM stations and a product that can tune in to that smoothly is an important factor. Being able to hear your favorite song and your favorite radio anchor with no static or extra noise is crucial. Some radios are very sensitive that for just slight movements, receptions are affected so be extra careful on that.

Additional Features – AM/FM radios nowadays are not just for listening to music and news. There are some built-in additional functions on them that can be very helpful to you. Some can display time and others have alarm capabilities as well. If you want these extra features then just be aware that they come with an additional price.

You might be buying one for entertainment or for emergency purposes, either way; we wish you luck in getting the best portable radio for you.

They may not be as hi-tech as the other gadgets you have, they can still be very useful plus they will absolutely not break your bank.

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