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There is no argument that music plays a very important role in our lives. There have been a lot of studies proving that it has multiple benefits like making people happier, helping you sleep better, lowering stress, improving your health; the list could go on and on. It is in fact, scientifically proven that music helps improve performance in the workplace as well.

Nowadays there are plenty devices wherein you can play your favorite songs. We have the MP3 players, the iPod and even your very own cellphone can do the job.

But if you are working at the garage or in the workshop where there are a lot of not so good things that can happen like falling heavy objects and such, you don’t really want to compromise your gadgets, right? That is where a jobsite radio can come into play.

There are numerous options to choose from and we have narrowed it down for you. Our best sounding worksite radio list will guide you on the top-selling products on the market today.

ProductRankingBest FeatureBuy & Price
DEWALT DCR0185Lightweight, Compact designBuy
Sangean LB-100 45 inches water resistant speakersBuy
Sangean FB-100 Fatbox3Two auxiliary inputs for audio devicesBuy
DEWALT DC0122One hour charger for 7.2- to 18-Volt DEWALT battery packsBuy
Bosch PB360C Power Box 1Four power outletsBuy


If you are in the search for a lighter and smaller jobsite radio, then the DEWALT DCR018 might be the one for you. Weighing only at 6 pounds, this is indeed one of the most popular compact radios in the market.

It may be smaller but this product can work as great as other jobsite radios that are double its size. It is also built to last with its heavy duty design and 360-degree roll cage. Connecting your cell phone or other media player is not a problem with its 3.5mm auxiliary port as well.

Playing music on your phone connected with this one and draining its battery life will not be an issue. The USB port can charge devices when it is plugged into an AC outlet.

Other features of the DCR018 are the digital tuner, bright backlit LCD display with clock and it has 5 AM/FM presets.

For someone who tends to move the radio from one place to another, this one is perfect for you.

4. Sangean LB-100 Compact AM/FM Ultra Rugged Radio Receiver

Another well-loved compact radio is the Sangean LB-100. Its size and weight make this very portable and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activity and work.

This lunchbox radio is made to last with its durable ABS plastic construction. A lot of users are very satisfied with its sturdy design. The product is also completely water, dust, and shock resistant. Even its buttons are perfectly spaced that you can use it while wearing gloves!

It also features a digital PLL FM and AM tuner and has 5 easy touch memories for quicker access on your favorite radio stations. Sufficient sound quality is assured by its 5 inches water resistant and high powered speaker even in noisy places.

You can operate this on batteries and cable won’t be a problem as it can be easily rolled up at the unit’s back. Lastly and definitely an important factor, this comes at a very affordable price compared to other small jobsite radios in the market.

If you are looking for a good quality and budget-friendly radio then this one’s a great choice.

3. Sangean FB-100 Fatbox Rugged Industrial AM/FM Radio

One thing that sets apart a jobsite radio from an ordinary one is durability. The Sangean FB-100 lives up to that promise. It is built extra tough with a roll cage that is made out of durable ABS plastic. This product can sustain up to 250 pounds of weight and can even survive falls from 6 feet!

This radio is also highly praised for its dynamic loudness. The two waterproof 6.5-inch speakers and internal amplifier can produce clear and high-quality sound even in a very noisy environment.

In addition to that, this features multiple equalizer settings that can be easily adjusted according to the music genre you are listening.

It is also equipped with two auxiliary input ports for your iPod, MP3 players and any other external player. One of which is hidden inside a water-resistant media compartment that has protected foam which ensures protection for your beloved devices.

This is undoubtedly one of the most favored jobsite radios in the market. This might be the product you are looking for so go ahead and give it a try!


Another crowd favorite is the DEWALT DC012. One great thing about this is it does not just function as a radio; it is also a charger for all 7.2- to 18-Volt DEWALT battery packs!

Talking about convenience, working in a place where there is no available outlet will not be a problem with this one because it can run through the same battery packs as well.

This also has auxiliary ports where you can plug in other music devices (mp3 players, phones, etc.). Its weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports can deliver high quality and loud sound. Another good thing about this jobsite radio is the 11” flexible antenna that boosts better reception.

The product also features digital tuner with LCD display, 15 station memory presets and a built-in clock. Another plus for this radio is the 3 power outlets for multiple uses in the jobsite.

A product that is definitely worth all your money. Get one and see for yourself why this is a very popular choice.

1. Bosch PB360C Power Box Jobsite AM/FM Radio

It does not come as a surprise that this radio grabs the number one spot. This had bagged the top spot in several reviews as well.

Coming on first in the multiple best features of this one is its four-way speakers and a subwoofer that delivers a 360-degree high-quality sound. This can very be the loudest radio available on the market. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity function that can range up to a distance of 150 feet.

Durability will never be a question for this radio as it is built in a protective aluminum and a rubber roll cage. It is also weather resistant and guaranteed to last for years. A lot of user says this is simply indestructible.

The product also features a USB port for charging your cell phones or other devices. In addition to that, this powerful box has four power outlets for multiple jobsite uses.

This radio might come at a much higher price but with its durability, superb sound, and other A+ features, this one’s definitely worth the purchase.

Worksite Radios – A Buyer’s Guide

Here are several important factors to consider when buying your perfect jobsite radio. Before stepping into your local equipment store, please take a look at these key things first.

Sound – since a jobsite radio is often used on garage and workshops, it is expected to deliver high and loud sound quality. You would want a product that can be heard on far distance and even in such noisy environment.

Whether you are working on a construction site or in your backyard, being able to clearly hear the sound of your device is a must.

Durability – one reason why jobsite radios are way expensive compared to traditional ones is that they are built to be extra tough. They are anticipated to withstand harsh environment in the workplace.

A lot of possibilities like being dropped off, falling debris, dust and water getting splashed on it can result in immediate damage to your device that is why selecting a durable radio is extremely important. You don’t really want to waste your money on the wrong piece, right?

Reception – you’ve already picked a durable radio and one with great sound, but when you can’t get to listen to your favorite AM/FM station then it won’t make sense at all.

Once you get tired listening to songs that are saved from your phone and other music players, you would opt to just listen to your preferred music stations and getting a radio with clear reception is crucial.

Other Additional Features – extra features also counts when selecting a jobsite radio. There are brands offering charging capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, power outlets and such that are built in the gadget.

Keep an eye on these add-ons as they can be very handy. Just take note, additional features means additional price.

It is proven that music can promote good mood in the workplace. Whether you are working on a construction site, in the garage or even just inside the house, hearing your favorite song can help you get the job done.

So, if you’re feeling bored and uninspired at work lately, don’t quit just yet. Perhaps a little bit of music in the background is all you need.

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